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Third provocation: Monday’s (final for now) post

So the day has arrived when CARICUK will hold our final provocation event! Join us for the discussion – Monday May 24th, 7-8.30 pm, UK time (bear in mind that we’re in British summer time, which is GMT/UTC+1).   Please look out for our commissioned film, by Gennaro Ambrosino, about Sonia E. Barrett’s installation ‘Dreading the Map’, whichContinue reading “Third provocation: Monday’s (final for now) post”

Third provocation: Friday’s post

In yesterday’s CARICUK blog post I wrote about black embodiment, black hair techniques and community, in relation to Sonia E. Barrett’s ‘Dreading the Map’. Today I want to think about the interactions between the installation, the Map Room, the Royal Geographical Society building, and Geography as a discipline. I see Geography as a discipline thatContinue reading “Third provocation: Friday’s post”

Third provocation: Thursday’s post

In yesterday’s blog post, I talked about the ways in which Sonia E. Barrett‘s installation ‘Dreading the Map’ makes me think really hard about maps, mapping, proximity and distance. I’ll be in dialogue with the artist in CARICUK’s third provocation event, livestreaming from the Royal Geographical Society‘s Ondaatje Theatre on Monday 24th, 7-8.30pm UK time.Continue reading “Third provocation: Thursday’s post”

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